The Sanctuary

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Bed and Breakfast in Ogbourne St.George, Marlborough, Wiltshire

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Our Chickens

At the moment, we have 18 hens, of various breeds.

Whenever possible, they are free to roam the whole of our garden. If we have visitors with dogs (who might not be so used to chickens as our own Golden Retrievers) we keep the hens in a secure run.

The Cream Legbars were hatched by our daughter (using an incubator) with eggs from the Cotswold Poultry Club, The Blacktails and Light Sussex came from Piggy Bank Pastures, and the Black Rocks came from Country Fayre who are an excellent source of essential equipment as well. Our most recent additions came from the nice people at Little Misses Chickens near Calne.

Over the years we have learned lots about keeping chickens. For example, making our own new hen house from sheet timber instead of tongue and groove timber. The latter is the cheapest way to make a hen house, but it is also gives red mites a lot more places to hide. Our way is much easier to keep clean (and that makes for happier hens). We're happy to chat with visitors who are interested in keeping chickens. If you are just starting and would like formal training, why not try a course at Val's Chicken School?